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IAV | Interactive Architectural Visualization

Experience the latest tech in Architectural Visualization: IAV (Interactive Architectural Visualization), an Interactive, 3D visualization program. IAV brings to the world of 3D animation of infrastructure projects a new level of public exposure, education, and control. IAV provides the opportunity for the user to totally control access in, around, over, above and through a proposed project, or existing area or structure. You can fly above it, walk around it, or drive over it at your own pace!

This is a tool that provides a connection to a large portion of the public, that feels right at home with interactive gaming controls. It can be used to present proposed projects to large groups, working committees or one-on-one discussions. It can be downloaded to multiple platforms, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, even smart phones.

It is a very persuasive tool. You can bring a proposed project to the public, giving them a firsthand encounter of what the results of the project will look like. It can be used to experience all forms of multi-modal transportation projects, from highways, to rail and transit,  bike, pedestrian to shopping centers and malls. IAV projects have tremendous shelf-life. They can be used to introduce a project before it is built, educate and connect constituents to a project during the construction process, then can provide long term use as a tool to showcase a city’s or agency’s accomplishments.